Following the success of the “Street Food Festival” in Saigon, Coca-Cola, Channel 14 and Foody officially brought the Hanoi street food festival in January 2018. Are you ready to join the biggest street food festival in Hanoi?

Street Food Festival in Hanoi
Organized by: Coca-Cola – Foody – Channel 14
Time: 9:00 – 22:00 on January 20-21, 2018
Address: Quan Ngua Stadium – 30 Van Cao Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
Ticket: FREE


5 reasons you must to go to”street food festival” in Hanoi?
1. Enjoy the top 50 street food from the hottest restaurants in Hanoi

The flavour of Hanoi through traditional delicacies

Hanoi cuisine is both rich and varied. But somebody once said that to enjoy the exquisite taste of Hanoi must find the specific dishes of Hanoi in winter. A hot Pho bowl in the early morning, a bowl of rice porridge with pork or a bowl of rice porridge with vermicelli … just a slice of fresh water to taste the bone or eat a spoon smooth porridge will dispel all the cold winter day. At the “Street Food Festival” in Hanoi, we bring both Ha Thanh cuisine gathered here, then explore yourself and feel thousands of delicious delicacies!

Seafood Banquet – fried fishball only from 30k

In addition to the traditional dishes of Hanoi, coming to Food Street of Coca-Cola and Foody you will be in harmony with the seafood dinner, very attractive fried fishball with prices from 30K / dish only. Are you excited?

The dishes with rolls from all regions of Vietnam

Hanoi is the heart of Vietnam, so it brings thousands of delicious dishes from all regions. It is not difficult to find dishes in the Central region. You can see rolls dishes, “banh nam” , ” banh beo” … all will be present at the “Street Food Festival” in Hanoi. Let your family go to the heat at this culinary festival!

2. Cool Coca with price destruction only 5k(vnd)/bottle


Do not forget to enjoy the cool of Coca-Cola in this festival. Coca-Cola cost only 5k/bottle with love price. Just enjoy thousands of delicious dishes have been extremely thirsty.

3. Interesting Gifts – Opportunity to receive thousands of attractive vouchers

Remember to join the minigame on the Facebook Fanpage of Foody Hanoi on 14/1 to receive a very attractive reward – VOUCHER free gift to enjoy the delicious food in the fair. Sound very Great!

4. Photo Booth 3D lively check-in feature

Completely different with the fairs in Hanoi, “Street Food Festival” in January, Coca-Cola and Foody bring young photobooths dynamic 3D. Arrange beautiful, heat transfer weekend, take your camera with thousands of cool pictures!


5. Ticket: completely free

The fair will take place from 9 am to 10 pm on January 20-21, 2018 at Quan Dan Stadium – 30 Van Cao Street – Ba Dinh – Hanoi.

Invite the whole family to participate in the “Street Food Festival” largest in 2018!

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