Tet Holiday, the tradition new year for Vietnamese all around the world. In these days, Vietnamese Market always crowded and sales so many things. So we will come to Hanoi, and walk around with most beautiful spring market Ha Thanh (Ha Noi) to see Tet Holiday (Vietnam Lunar New Year) has come very close!

In addition to busy with work and picking up furniture for the most Tet. The spring market is always considered the pleasure of many generations of Ha Thanh. If children are interested in red lanterns, piggy bank, and lucky money. Elderly people interested in contemplating Citrus japonica ‘Japonica’ and peach trees. The majority of young people in Hanoi choose all four addresses to take advantage of the photo album spring make memorize.

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Before the moment of turning the knocking season, do not forget to stop at one of these charming spring markets and take a breath of fresh air in the early morning!

1. Hang Ma Market

The most vibrant Hanoi holidays such as Mid-Autumn, Christmas and especially in the days of Tet. These days if you go through the street in the center of Hanoi, you will be in harmony and joyful atmosphere.

(IG: miyo0905)
(IG: miyo0905)

Along the two sides of the street seems to be dyed red and blaze from the lantern, plastic flowers, decorations of the house on Tet in bright light, extremely warm gold. Especially, every year, from here on December 20 to the 30th of Tet. Hang Ma street has an extremely beautiful and attractive antique market!

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2. Hang Luoc Flower Market

Hang Luoc flower market usually only opens one week before the new year. This is where the Ha Thanh people find each spring as a habit. On the day of Tet holidays from December 23rd. Hang Luoc flower market will be flooded with Tet flowers such as peach, kumquat, flowers and plants from all over the North. It’s serving visitors for sightseeing and shopping.

IG: dinhhoangduc.hd

Hang Luoc is called flower market, but this market also extends from Hang Chai to Hang Ma and Hang Dong! Here, we will be spoiled for the brilliant colors that are sold on both sides of the road. Not only fruits or peach flowers, flower markets also have many other beautiful flowers.

(IG: ph.ngn)
(IG: phammylin)

For people in the capital, the market is not only a place to buy, but also a stop to find some spring air when the new year approaching. Lunar New Year without visiting the Hang Luoc is not like that missed a part of the Tet holiday then it!


3. Quang Ba Flower Market

It will be lacking if we do not mention the name of Quang Ba Flower Market on this list. Because not only on New Year’s Day, but 365 days in a year, Quang Ba Market is always the familiar address of flower lover.


Quang Ba Flower Market is located on Nghi Tam Street (Tay Ho, Hanoi), most often crowded around 4-5am. However, in the days approaching the New Year, you will encounter another scene when the flower market crowded all day by the shadow people from all over the place to watching flower and shopping.


Here, perhaps the peach blossom is the most sought-after flower. It is known that in addition to the famous Nhat Tan peach blossom, the market also sells many other kinds of flowers such as Phai peach, peach forest with the price per spike ranges from 100k to 500k. At the promotion, you can also buy small branches to small peacock table before the Tet, if not selected any branches. Price per bunch of small branches of this little about 20k only!

Besides looking at flowers and buying flowers to play Tet, this crowded market is also the ideal address for young people looking to take pictures of the new spring.


4. Buoi Market

Located at the intersection of Hoang Hoa Tham and Buoi streets. This is one of the longest markets of Hanoi capital. Not only flowers, Buoi market is also the point of selling many kinds of plants famous in Lunar New Year.

(IG: dinhhoangduc.hd)

Near the end of the year, the market is more crowded because of the bustle of many flowers, the tree bearing the meaning of luck and get rich are imported from everywhere come here to enjoy and sell.

(IG: Duonganhng)

If you have a chance to visit Buoi Market in the last days of the 29-30 December (lunar year). You will be shocked because the crowds poured here to fill up the whole way. Everyone is excited and have fun to look and manually select the beautiful plants to decorate the house in Tet.


The Buoi Market on the occasion of the New Year also brings the atmosphere is full of joy. So it is great if you can go around or take a photo shoot.

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Hope you have fun with Vietnam Lunar new year when you visited Vietnam at this time.

Duong Phuong (Editor & General)

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