Today I would like to introduce about Tokyo. Especially, this is scene Tokyo in white snow.

Tokyo and other parts of Japan are experiencing the harshest winter in years.

The snowfall on January 23 has been the biggest snowstorm in four years in Tokyo, with snowfall up to 23 cm causing traffic to cripple.

However, besides the harsh winter, many people also find interesting inspiration from the snow-covered landscape of Tokyo. Many impressive photo sets …

Photographer Yuichi said on Bored Panda:

“I am Yuichi Yokota, a professional photographer from Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo witnessed the heaviest snowfall in four years on January 22, 2018, where authorities demanded workers in the evening to rush home and reminded people behind the wheel to be careful with interruptions.

I captured the scenery of that snow day. I visited some famous places in Tokyo such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, Asakusa (Senso-Ji Temple) and Tokyo Station. ”

Here is a photo of Yuichi Yokota – a quiet Tokyo but no less romance in the snow rainy day.

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1. Sensoji Temple, Asakusa Ancient Town, Tokyo

2. White snow covered Tokyo station

3. Heavy snowfall in Shibuya, Tokyo

4. Shinjuku station

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