Reasons why Men fall in love Asian women


Studies have shown that Western men are more likely to fall in love with Asian women. We can seen on the streets, couples West guy – Asian girl hand in hand. She can be pretty or not, but surely both are very happy. Because the girl always cared by her lover.

The phenomenon of white males fascinated and even sometimes haunted by Asian women has a particular term called “yellow fever”.

A study by Cardiff University – England conducted a survey people between the ages of 18 and 30. This survey with 600 people and select the photos that make them the most attached.

The study found that the majority of white men were more likely to fall in love with Asian women, followed by white and black. In contrast, white women were conquered by black men, next is white men and Asian men.
So why Asian women are very attractive to Western men so much like that?

Reasons white Men fall in love Asian women
Wedding Photo for couple white man – asia girl (vnexpress)
Reasons white Men fall in love Asian women
Couple West – Asian girls are beautiful in the wedding picture. (photo : internet)

You can see, High Western men next to her little girl is always beautiful. In the eyes of this guys, Asian women are elegant, charming and beautiful. In addition, the slim, soft appearance also makes the guy “fall in love”.

Gender and Asian scholars affirmed that Western men’s appetite for Asian women stems from the view that they are soft and easy to protect.

Asian women are always respect family traditionally and this meets Western traditional. Asian couples are still very traditional, although more modern and more liberal. They still retained the traditional features inherent. Especially they know how to cook delicious Asian food.

Mostly when asked the Western husband love the most in their wife will answer is gentle, caring, caring family … However, one thing is praiseworthy is that although the knowledge of literature In the East. West men are still willing to help their wives in household chores. They are nurtured with the sense of sharing housework with women.

Reasons white Men fall in love Asian women
mark zuckerberg family – photo: Internet

Western women today have become very independent and powerful. They have always proved to be no less male than in any field. Perhaps it is because Western men feel pressured to marry a girl of the same ethnicity. That does not mean that Asian women are not independent or powerful, and Oriental girls are very talented and excelent in many areas of their lives, so it will be more and more attention. love the many from the boys from the far West.

Another feature that Asian girls “score” in the eyes of the West is “strange” beauty. Western men often call Asian girls “exotic” – meaning “strange”. It is not difficult to meet couples who have the appearance of “double deviated chopsticks”, the West guy stepping on the skin of the girl, Asia. While Asian guys prefer white, pink girls.

Beautiful, small people, graceful smile and gentle gestures… These thing make men want to be protect Asian girls. So if you do not have a lot of guys around, then you are the “gu” that the white guy love.

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