Fishing Village Cua Van

Recently, in the list of 17 fairy paradise by foreign sites Brightside and voted, Cua Van fishing village of Ha Long suddenly surpassed the top of some landmarks around the world. Let check out pretty beauty of this place with

Cua Van ranked seventh on the list on foreign websites

Fishing village Cua Van “floating” on the blue water as the pearl of Ha Long Bay makes anyone do not want to get away.


Cua Van is located in Hung Thang Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, about 30km from the city’s port. The life of the fishing village is very simple and plain on the colorful floating houses, surrounded by the magnificent limestone mountains of Ha Long Bay. It feels like Venice of Italy by floating houses floating on the water.

Come here, you not only can see the beauty of the cave, but also the interesting experiences of the fishing villages that are idyllic, unspoiled and serene. This is considered the most beautiful ancient village in the world it!


Here you not only can go fishing with the fishermen, pull netting, squid fishing, but also can hear the fishing people singing ” hat cheo gheo”, ” hat cheo duong”. All create unforgettable experiences for each person.


The criteria for choosing the villages that appear on this list are ancient, graceful and preserving traditional culture. Cua Van was chosen by the convergence of these three most important factors.


Cua Van fishing village of Vietnam suddenly ranked 7th in the list of foreign paradise beauty, far beyond many famous landscapes around the world.


The generation of fishing village lived on the boat and attached to the sea all their life. They consider the boat is home, the sea is hometown, attached to Ha Long Bay both soul and body. Children from 4 to 5 years know how to holding oars and swiming in the sea.

About Cua Van fishing village, Travel Leisure website says: “Located on the beautiful Ha Long Bay of Vietnam, there are charming space painting, Cua Van includes floating houses on the water. About 700 fishermen live on anchored boats, and children go to school in boat classes. Cua Van has become an attractive tourist destination where every visitor wants to experience a strange life on their own. here it is. ”

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Picture: Instagram, Internet

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